Jefferson County Violations

Your CKS/E Board is asking that you lend us a helping hand with some of our neighborhood violations that are not covered by our covenants but can be taken care of by Jefferson County. Clarification has been added regarding abandoned/unlicensed/inoperable cars in the street vs. the driveway or on the side of the house. If the car is on the street you can call the Sheriff’s department. However if it is on the property (i.e. driveway or side of the house) you must call Planning and Zoning as any abandoned or unlicensed cars must be kept within a structure such as the garage. Here are the important numbers you need:

  • Abandoned/unlicensed/inoperable cars in the street: Call Jefferson County Sheriff’s Dept. 303-271-0211 and give address, type of car, expiration date of license plate or any other pertinent information.
  • Abandoned/unlicensed/inoperable vehicles in driveways or along side of the home: Call Planning & Zoning at: 303-271-8725
  • Dogs not on a leash or barking: 303-271-5070.
  • Replacement of street, stop signs etc.: 303-271-5213 and give location of sign.
  • For pot hole repair: 303-271-5244 and give location.

Thanks for your concern and interest in keeping Columbine Knolls South/Estates finest community in South Jeffco!